Sometimes you have to color outside the lines to make a Masterpiece!

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Getting Crafty:
47 years in the making.

If you go back in time when did you find your creativity? Were you in grade school? Middle School or for the older generations Jr. High School? High School or Collage maybe? When ever it was I bet something made it memorable. I was in Jr. High School. 1973 the first year they let girls in the shop classes. The doors opened up to Wood Shop, Electric Shop, Metal Shop and Drafting. Girls were no longer boxed into Home Economics. Don't get me wrong I did great in Home Ec. I knew how to cook, my Mom worked 2 jobs to support myself and my 2 brother's (Mike & Mark). Mom taught us all how to set the table correctly, it was important to her that we could and would fit in any where we went and wouldn't be embarrassed.


My first crafty clue though came when we had to take sewing in 8th grade. Now it wasn't for sewing that I aced the class although I did sew a duffle bag for my gym clothes. I aced sewing because I was able to fix the broken sewing machines. It came naturally, and so did the Shop classes in 9th grade. I had been drawing castles and other stuff in 3D so drafting was a breeze, but being able to pour metal in to sand castings and welding candle sticks for my mom was the best. In wood shop I make a cat that was painted to look like the cat we had and I made a cool lamp in electric shop.


But those things wasn't what made it memorable. It was the look on my Mother's face when she saw my report card and I had A's & B's on it for the first time. I remember her calling the school to see if I fudged the report card and turned my F's into better grades. In an era that didn't know about learning disabilities, audio visual learning my new and improved grades was something I was proud of and for the first time ever - school & learning became fun and it only got better from there. So join me won't you as I journey and explore more of the fascinating creative world God made and where it's taken me and where it'll take us, what we'll learn, and what we Creatives can and will create next.